Family portrait 42

February 12, 2011

Since the birth of my first baby, all family portraits at my house seem to feature my favorite-at-the-time baby carrier!  Whether it’s because I babywear all day long – I do! – or because I feel like my carriers are part of the family – absolutely! – or because a family photograph wouldn’t even be happening without the help of my trusty rusty carrier – probably not!  most of the pictures of me have baby carriers in them!  At first, it was my home made ring slings, thanks, Mom!  At around Baby #4, I settled into my happy Soft Structured Carrier routine, and my Becos became an integral element of our photos!  When Baby #5 was just a little guy, we jet setted off on our whirlwind tour of New Zealand and Australia taking only, gasp!, 4 carriers so the same ones were pictured frequently!  Branching back out again for Baby #6, I venture to guess that more BabyHawks, O&As, and Wrapstars will be gracing the pages of my photo albums since my stash has grown incredibly since we returned home!

PS!  Auckland, New Zealand is WINDY!!!  Can you tell?

PAXbaby Beco Butterfly Scooters

*happy babywearing*



Peekaru 34

February 3, 2011


This is one of my own favorite babywearing pictures!  I remember this day so clearly, getting out of our van, stashing 1 child safely on my back (and warmly, thanks to my trusty Peekaru Vest!) while herding the other 3 up the hill…  We had 4 kids under 5 back then, and it seemed like SO MANY children!  That mommy would be impressed to see this mommy now, juggling 6 under 8!



*happy babywearing*


Newborn Babywearing 25

January 25, 2011

Looking at this picture, I can’t WAIT to have a new squishy babe to wear again!

I remember that I grabbed my Mei Tai to take to the park this day because #1 – wrapping & tying is so comfortable and gets a more personal fit and #2  – it matched my outfit!

*happy babywearing*

Kozy Mei Tai Video 14

January 14, 2011

The Kozy Carrier mama’s  lil sister made a video to celebrate babywearing & especially the Mei Tai baby carrier!  VERY adorable, very artsy, and chock-a-block full of babywearing!

PAXbaby Kozy Carriers

Watch the video here!

*happy babywearing*