Keeping Baby Kissable 41

February 11, 2011

Ever heard that expression?  No, it doesn’t mean to kiss your baby because they smell so good!  It means don’t put them in stroller and push them away from you!  Keep your little one close enough to hear your their gentle breathing, to touch their tiny hands, and to kiss anytime anyplace!  And the only way to do that and keep your hands free for other children or tasks is by babywearing!!!!!!!  Soapbox lecture over now!  Go hug your babies!

PAXbaby Babyhawk Oh Snap kissable

*happy babywearing*



Moms can do anything! 40

February 10, 2011

Moms not only CAN do anything, they have to do anything with baby on their back!  Just because you have a baby now doesn’t mean that you get to stop doing the laundry, cooking, cleaning, or any of the other wifely duties you command!  Strap baby on your back in an uber comfortable carrier to keep your hands free and get back to work!

PAXbaby Beco Butterfly Aimee

*happy babywearing*