Disneyland Babywearing 37

February 7, 2011

LegoLand yesterday & Disneyland today – we are babywearing world travelers, hahaaa!

Look out, Buzz Lightyear!  Here is SuperMom and her tiny assistants, plus anti gravity, blaster proof, transmogrifying baby carrier, the Beco Gemini!  We’ll help you to rule the world, Zurg!

*happy babywearing*


Pregnant Babywearing 7

January 7, 2011

My toddler is still devoted to being worn which is sweet and definitely adorable, but my belly is getting in the way for comfortable front carries!  At 18 weeks, Baby #5 and I tried the Beco Gemini as a hip carrier, weren’t comfortable with the straps as shown in the instructions, so I reversed the shoulder straps, and both of us loved this fun Gemini option!

PAxbaby Beco Gemini pregnant babywearing

*happy babywearing*

Pregnant Babywearing 5

January 5, 2011

Heather proves that one Beco Butterfly can be worn with 2 babies at once!

Pregnant babywearing is a surreal babywearing experience!  1 inside, 1 outside, both happy, nurtured, and content!

Beco Butterfly pregnant babywearing

*happy babywearing*