Family portrait 42

February 12, 2011

Since the birth of my first baby, all family portraits at my house seem to feature my favorite-at-the-time baby carrier!  Whether it’s because I babywear all day long – I do! – or because I feel like my carriers are part of the family – absolutely! – or because a family photograph wouldn’t even be happening without the help of my trusty rusty carrier – probably not!  most of the pictures of me have baby carriers in them!  At first, it was my home made ring slings, thanks, Mom!  At around Baby #4, I settled into my happy Soft Structured Carrier routine, and my Becos became an integral element of our photos!  When Baby #5 was just a little guy, we jet setted off on our whirlwind tour of New Zealand and Australia taking only, gasp!, 4 carriers so the same ones were pictured frequently!  Branching back out again for Baby #6, I venture to guess that more BabyHawks, O&As, and Wrapstars will be gracing the pages of my photo albums since my stash has grown incredibly since we returned home!

PS!  Auckland, New Zealand is WINDY!!!  Can you tell?

PAXbaby Beco Butterfly Scooters

*happy babywearing*



Disneyland Babywearing 37

February 7, 2011

LegoLand yesterday & Disneyland today – we are babywearing world travelers, hahaaa!

Look out, Buzz Lightyear!  Here is SuperMom and her tiny assistants, plus anti gravity, blaster proof, transmogrifying baby carrier, the Beco Gemini!  We’ll help you to rule the world, Zurg!

*happy babywearing*

San Fran BBII 35

February 4, 2011


Traveling with a baby is never easier than with the help of a wonderful Baby Carrier! In this case, Jillian and her sweet family sight saw (sight seed?) around San Francisco with the assistance of their custom Sky Temple Beco Butterfly!



*happy babywearing*


Picture Perfect 31

January 31, 2011

Do you know where this adorable family is posing???

Any potato chip fans out there?

PAXbaby blog babywearing

Thanks, Alice, for your cute picture of your family and your aptly named Alice Beco Butterfly!

*happy babywearing*

Babywearing Sightseeing 27

January 27, 2011

The BEST way to sight see – from the safety of mom’s arms, snuggled into a baby carrier!

Gina & her gorgeous Beco Butterfly in the discontinued River print!

PAXbay Beco Butterfly River

*happy babywearing*

Rainbows 26

January 26, 2011

Pure happiness is a rainbow after a BIG rain, gleeful children, a comfortable baby carrier, and the smell of the beach right over those trees!

*happy babywearing*

Baby Carrier Souvenir 19

January 19, 2011

This gorgeous SSC was my present to remember Australia by…

I just borrowed the cute baby!

*happy babywearing*


Creative Babywearing 16

January 16, 2011

When you find yourself in a foreign country at Halloween, grab a sheet and some food coloring and get creative!  PAXbaby #5 wasn’t keen on walking, so my costume needed to incorporate a baby carrier of some sort!

Halloween Babywearing Costume

*happy babywearing*


14 hour flight

13 bags

5 children under 8

2 strollers

2 parents

1 Beco Butterfly II worth its weight in gold!

Best trip EVER!

babywearing at the airport

*happy babywearing*